Hello Friends!

It was lovely meeting so many inspiring people at the Bolly Active Instructor Training. Hope everyone is doing well & have recovered from the hurricane onslaught of the nine hour training we had over the weekend.

When I first heard about Bolly Active, it sounded quite exciting to me. I have always enjoyed dancing, it’s always something which has helped me de-stress, get the adrenalin rushing & get me in a happy, cheerful mood. The idea of dancing to foot-tapping Bollywood songs & having a fitness workout was very interesting & appealing. How cool would it be to just let yourself loose & groove to the tunes of some fun & crazy Bollywood numbers. Nothing beats working out with great music and getting paid for it! That’s what immediately caught my fancy & I decided to try out Bolly Active.

The most thrilling part about Bolly Active is that you get to workout & be fit, all of this while having loads of fun dancing your heart away to high energy Bollywood songs. Loved the concept. A gym workout can be fairly monotonous at times, with this fitness workout there is a lot of newness to it, almost every session is a Pandora’s box & you always have a few surprises in store as it unfolds. That’s exactly what keeps you going. I have always been a very people’s person, so it is wonderful to meet some great new people, connect & socialize.

When I first enrolled myself for the Bolly Active Training, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was a bit apprehensive initially but as the day unfolded I started to know more about what the program was all about. It was a great learning experience & it definitely helped me gain a good perspective about what Bolly Active was all about. It was wonderful to meet some amazing people & make new friends.

The organisers, Maitri & Ro did a brilliant job, making it a very hands-on training, by not only imparting some knowledge about the new fitness program but it was just perfect to try the practical training sessions that we had. It was a fabulous experience to try the live workout sessions & understand the different components of Bolly Active. It was good to have a segment on Nutrition, as food & diet forms such an important component of living a healthy lifestyle. Personally I also appreciated the assessment that we had at the end of the training, the practical assessment helped to groom you & made you better prepared to get an insight into teaching a Bolly Active class.

All in all it was a wonderful event & an enriching experience. Surely a rewarding day & positively a lot to learn & take home. I am looking forward to be a part of this fun Bolly Active Kingdom & a delightful journey ahead!

Look forward to see your smiling faces soon & make more fun memories together! J

Happy Dancing!