The Workout

Bolly Active® is a unique blend of dance fitness, toning, breathing, mediation & yoga class all rolled into one! Bolly Active® “The Happy Workout” is a 60 minutes workout cycle alternating between low & high intensity dance fitness & toning sequences to get you moving, sweating & motivated. Created by certified fitness professionals and choreographers from Bombay (aka,Bollywood) with extensive experience in group fitness and Bollywood dancing, Bolly Active® is the hottest fitness program in town.

At the core of Bolly Active is the inspiration drawn from song & dance of Bollywood, film industry originating in India. Whether you are a complete beginners or a fitness freak, Bolly Active offers a fun fitness experience for all.

Type of Fitness Program

Cardio | Dance | Tone | Yoga | Zen

60 mins

Calories burn
600 - 900 calories

Bolly Active incorporates 5 programs:

Bolly Fitness
Bolly Gold
Bolly Tone
Bolly Zen
Bolly Yoga

High intensity dance based workout for whole body
Low Intensity dance fitness moves for interval training
Tone up your core, arms & legs with weights, resistance bands and much more
Stretch to build strength, flexibility and mediation
Hatha & Face Yoga with breathing exercise & meditation

Each class followed a 'Groove of the Day' concept. Groove of the day is a combination of any 2-3 Bolly programs under Bolly Activ®. For e.g class with start with Bolly Fitness moving to Bolly Tone & finishing up with Bolly Zen or some days we will begin with Bolly Zen, later moving to Bolly Fitness & finishing up with Bolly Tone. Every class is different & keep the format more interesting with mixing body conditioning, isolation, dancercise & toning. We believe in working out & working in at the same time. Relax, re-energise & rejuvenate!

Our program curriculum has been created by professional dancers, choreographers and fitness trainers which caters to students of all levels, as well ensure a safe and powerful total body dance workout for all. Bolly Active is unique combination 5 programs which utilizes interval training techniques to burn calories & tone your entire body. We focus on inner health & well being with yoga, meditation & breathing techniques. One of its kind of workout which refreshes & renergizes you. Participants can burn betwen 500 - 800 calorie per session. Suited for beginners with no prior dance or fitness experiences, just a positive attitude & a smile.

Bolly Active® is a fun, happy workout which gets you in the best shape & a fun journey to the land of Bollywood !

The Company

Bolly Active® was founded by Maitri (artistic director of Bollywood Dance Studio) with more than 12 years of experiences as a Choreographer, Instructor and a Performing Artist. She has worked with highly celebrated choreographers and dancers and received her formal training at Shaimak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts, Mumbai. Fresh off completing 5 years of her Bollywood dance school in Perth, Maitri wanted to bridge the gap in group fitness classes suited for beginners & people returning back from injury/post-partum who often struggle to find class pace suited to them. Having struggled herself getting back to dance & fitness after an ankle injury, it was very important to create a fun yet challenging class suited to all levels.

Bolly Active® was launched in 2015 & aims to follow up in Instructors training program in 2016 which will be launched worldwide via workshops and e-learning.

Meet The Team



Creative Director & Founder

Maitri Patel is a dynamic entrepreneur from Perth who won the prestigious Telstra WA Young Business Women's Award in 2017 and Anthill 30 under 30 in 2016. Maitri is the founder and creative director of Bolly Active with more than 12 years of experiences as a Choreographer, Group fitness Instructor and a Performing Artist. She has worked with highly celebrated choreographers and dancers and received her formal training at Shaimak Davar’s Institute of Performing Arts, Mumbai. She is also trained in Bharatnatyam; an Indian Classical Dance Form, Garba, Dandiya, Salsa, Ballroom Dancing, Hip Hop and Funk. Maitri has extensive experience in choreographing, performing and events management. Her credits include, Bollywood Week at the Big Brother Show (Gold Coast), Brisbane International Film Festival, Spice Festival, Gold Coast International Film Festival, Gladrags MegaModel, Brisbane City Council, Brisbane Citizenship Ceremony, William Street Festival and many more. Maitri has also been amongst the top ten finalists at Gladrags MegaModel and ManHunt Contest and winner of Miss Congeniality. She has been modelling alongside performing and choreographing. Dance and fitness are her first love and she enjoys teaching and spreading her love for all things Bollywood.

Holding dual roles as Founder and Artistic Director at Bolly Active Fitness and Bollywood Dance Studio (BDS), Maitri established Perth’s largest Bollywood dance school in 2011, and went on to create Bolly Active Fitness, a holistic workout program incorporating cardio, weights, resistance training, meditation and yoga to hottest Bollywood music. Bolly Active Fitness is rapidly expanding globally with over 90 instructors in Australia, France, Norway, Finland, Canada, Taiwan, Dubai and India. With Bolly Active Fitness her mission is to spread awareness about holistic fitness and create harmonious balance between physical and mental wellness and creating entrepreneurs who run their own small businesses worldwide.

RO (Roneshee)

RO (Roneshee)

Content Creator & Lead Instructor

Ro is obsessed with Bolly dancing and absolutely loves teaching Bolly Active. She is trained in Sri Lankan traditional dancing called Kandian and has been performing various styles of dancing since the age of four. She enjoys teaching Bolly Kids classes & performing for various events. Ro is a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer and responsible for new choreographies for Bolly Active.

Ro has recently completed Masters in International Business and International Commercial Law at UWA. She is a valuable asset to the team and we love having her on board. She is fondly referred to as the pocket rocket with dynamic energy.



Instructor & Content Creator

Kusum has been passionate about Bollywood dance and fitness for over 12 years. With a background in nutrition and health, she is one of the team’s core members and content creator. Her experience in Indian classical dancing, folk dance and salsa contribute to her innovative choreography. She is also a certified Dietician, working as a Weight loss consultant and a mother to a gorgeous little girl, who loves watching her mum dance.



Instructor & Kids Content Creator

Sneha is obsessed with Bollywood dance, movies or anything to do with Bollywood. She has been dancing since the age of 8 and her background is in Indian classical dance, Bollywood and Indian folk. She teacher Kids dance and fitness classes and absolutely loves inspiring the little superstars. Working with kids gives her immense pleasure and her students love her classes. Sneha is very creative and innovation in her choreography to ensure safe dance practices for kids to improve their motor skills and brain activity. She has completed her Bachelor of Commerce and is pursuing her chartered accounting now.



Marketing Manager

Hashruti manages and constantly strives to improve the Bolly Active brand awareness. She is the creative guru behind the branding and promotion of our brand, classes,events and looks. Hashruti’s vision for the new brand building revolution for Bolly Active, is to strengthen the relationship of Bolly Active with its existing customers & promote Bolly Active as a ‘The Ultimate Bollywood Workout’. She has recently successfully promoted our latest Fundraising Dance Recital ‘Bolly Glitz Sept 2015’, by doing feature articles for local newspapers, photo-shoot & radio interviews.

After completing her Masters in Advertising (Creative Majors) at Queensland University of Technology, Hashruti worked on a short project at Austereo, Brisbane as an Events Co-ordinator. Later she relocated to Adelaide, and spent about 4 yrs in the lovely festival state, gaining some good experience within the private and the public sector. In her leisure time, she loves painting and cherishes creative writing.