Bolly Active® is a fun 60 mins workout program consisting of dance fitness, toning, stretching, yoga and meditation. Classes are easy paced and perfect for absolute beginners to fitness freaks. Termed as “The Happy Workout” Bolly Active classes are high on fun and energy accompanied by energizing Bollywood music.

Each class follows a 'Groove of the Day' concept. Groove of the day is a combination of any 2-3 Bolly programs under Bolly Active®. Each program is unique in nature and combines various aspects
for total body workout and wellness living.

Bolly Fitness

Bolly Fitness is high intensity dance based workout for the whole body. Bolly Fitness choreography is fast paced, high in energy and gets our heart rate up. The playlist consist of foot tapping and energized Bollywood party hits to get your heart pumping and brings out your inner Bollywood star to the class. High intensity interval training is very demanding, intense (yes, intense), and will have you sweating buckets. You train hard for bursts of time, and you do slow down but you don’t stop.

Bolly Gold

Bolly Gold is low intensity based dance workout to popular Bollywood track which includes classical, folk and popular Bollywood chart busters. The choreography is easy to follow, beginners friendly and slow to medium paced. This gives you a complete workout with change in pace for your heart rate. Highly recommended for anyone with injuries, young mums, seniors and anyone getting back into fitness after a break. You will receive a full body workout with low impact and easy paced choreography.

Bolly Tone

Bolly Tone consisting of free hand dance fitness routine to incorporate various props to mix it up. Dance choreography is set around the prop to workout different parts of your body. This program often utilizes dumbbells, resistance bands, chairs and yoga mat for free hand exercises. Great way to tone up your core, upper and lower body with these fun, high energy toning choreography which gets your heart pumping. Set around our specially selected playlist incorporating Bollywood latest hits, retro playlists and chart busters.

Bolly Zen

Bolly Zen as the name suggests is a relaxation program consisting of extensive stretching techniques and mediation. Stretch with correct postures to avoid injuries and help with prepping your body for the workout and to cool down after the workout. Choreography is set to slow romantic Bollywood track to calm mind and body, as well as feel an intensive stretch all over. Meditation is also incorporated in this program towards the end of the class to relax your body and clear your mind to focus. Mediation helps participants gain more benefits from the workout as well-rested mind and body is vital to improve overall fitness.

Bolly Yoga

Bolly Yoga program consists of Hatha yoga posture which are very simple to follow and best suited for beginners. These postures help participants with toning, body balance, alignment and mental clarity. Choreography is based on soothing Bollywood classical and folk music to soothe body and soul. Bolly Yoga is very easy to follow along and beginner/kids friendly. The postures choreography is taught at an easy pace and is well suited to everyone, from beginners to advanced yoga participants. Bolly Yoga also incorporates Face Yoga techniques which helps with anti-aging such as relaxing wrinkles around eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and chin.