Bolly Active Kids

Fun - Fitness - Multicultural - Holistic Wellness

Helping kids discover multicultural Bollywood dance, fitness and yoga in a structured easy to follow program. We combine the magic and colours of Bollywood dance with holistic fitness to teach young minds positive body image, multicultural learning, wellness and fitness. Delivered by fully trained and passionate teachers, Bolly Active Bubs and Kids Program deliver happiness, colours and holistic learning experience for kids of all ages.

  • Proprietary curriculum
  • Written lesson plans for each class
  • Engaging and age-appropriate
  • Interactive with element of dance, wellness and fitness
  • Confidence building
  • Positive body image awareness
  • Structure without sacrificing FUN
  • Classes with fitness & fun incorporated witl Multicultural learning & wellness

Bolly Active Kids
3 yrs to 12 yrs
(Online/Home Program)

Virtual classes which are interactive and fun with multicultural flavour, incorporating dance cardio, toning, meditation and yoga in a structured format. Easy to access from the comforts of your home and a wonderful way to keep kids mentally and physically active with dance and mindfulness.

Bolly Active Bubs
3 yrs to 6 yrs
(Child Care Program)

Preschoolers need lots of physical activity. Bolly Active Bubs Program provides great exercise, but in a structured format that introduces a wide variety of movements, body awareness, builds coordination, balance, and confidence. It's amazing how this early exposure makes kids more willing to give new activities a try as they get older.

Bolly Active Juniors
7 yrs to 12 yrs
(School Program)

These classes are for the big kids. We provide an experienced instructor and props to make it easy for schools to add structured dance and fitness to their curriculum or to round out an after-care program. Our curriculum introduces music and movement to Bollywood dance, yoga, fitness and wellness. We keep it fun, engaging and interactive, and to help them appreciate the fun and rewards of regular physical activity and mental balance through yoga and meditation.

Available Programs

  • School Term Programs
  • Childcare Programs
  • Workshops
  • School holiday