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Our dynamic program equips participants with practical and theoretical knowledge to become a successful Bolly Active Licensed Instructor. Our certification program trains participants in Bolly Active formula, South Asian dance styles, dance & toning essentials, nutrition, body anatomy, business building skills, coaching and safety. Absolutely no prior south Asian dance experience is required, we nurture an incredibly diverse team of instructors worldwide. You will also receive full support via online instructor portal and helping you gain an insight into the colourful world of Bollywood and fitness.


No more pressure to create your own choreography applying fitness concepts, as a Bolly Active Licenced Instructor (BALI) you will have access to hundreds of choreography video with new routines added monthly. We take popular commercial and folk Bollywood songs and choreograph routines with a fitness format that is exciting, beginners friendly and safe to teach. Our routines are fresh, exciting and capture the Bollywood essence to provide a fun and exciting class for all participants.

This program provides you with an opportunity to launch your fitness career and be your own boss. Support to begin your own class, advertising and class management tips are provided by GuruShala (online instructor portal) membership. You will also receive unlimited support from Bolly Active and a growing community of instructors around the world as your continue to learn and grow.

If you are passionate about dance, fitness and Bollywood – this program is for you.


If you meet any of the following, you are a great candidate to get Bolly Active ® certified!

  • You love dance, fitness and Bollywood
  • You aspire to teach people and love the fitness lifestyle
  • You are constantly working on improving your fitness which required hard work and sweat (literally!)
  • You aim to provide the highest standard of quality to your students
  • Constantly striving to learn and grow, even once you are certified so you can provide your students with the best experience.
  • You lead by example by following a healthy lifestyle choices and being a positive role model.

Bolly Active Licenced Instructors receive the following:

  • 9 Hours Instructor training workshop covering Bollywood dance & fitness basics, BA formula, class structure, business building and much more
  • Intensive training and breakdown of 5 affiliated programs - Bolly Fitness, Bolly Gold, Bolly Tone, Bolly Zen and Bolly Yoga
  • Bolly Active Instructor Training Manual
  • Bolly Active Tshirt/ Tank Top + Sweat Band + Resistance Band
  • NASM certified instructors get 0.8 CEUs
  • AFAA certified instructors get 8 CEUs
  • Your Instructor profile and class listing on BA website
  • Business building and marketing tools
  • License to teach Bolly Active & Certificate of Completion
  • 30 days complimentary trial of GuruShala (online instructor portal, USD $20 value)
  • At the end of 30 days trial period discounted GuruShala membership

Certified by

National Academy Of Sports Medicine

Get Trained And Earn 0.8 Ceus


Certified by

The Aerobics And Fitness Association Of America

Get Trained And Earn 8 Ceus

GuruShala Membership

  • Access to library of exciting choreography
  • Fresh new choreographies updates monthly
  • Music and playlist suggestions
  • Marketing material to personalize your classes
  • Pro tips on being a fabulous instructor and class management
  • Instructor listing on BA website
  • VIP access to BA Events
  • Ongoing discount on all merchandise in Bolly Boutique
  • License to teach Bolly Active and all 5 affiliated programs individually.
  • And much more!

The usual price is USD $20 per month. Sign up on the end of your 30 days complimentary period and receive access to discounted packages.

For more information on maintaining your certification, please visit our FAQ page.

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