Frequently Asked Questions


You will find all currently scheduled Bolly Active® Instructor Trainings posted in our Instructor Training section. Just click on Training > Find a Training. If you don't find any Instructor Trainings scheduled in your area, please keep checking as we frequently update our website or send us an email to request a training in your city.

If you know of a facility that might be interested in hosting a Bolly Active® Instructor Training, ask the potential host to visit the website and click on Contact us ( the facility can submit information and if there is adequate demand in the area and if the facility meets the minimum requirements, they will be contacted by Bolly Active® management team

Yes! Not only there is a demand, but you can easily create more of a demand. Bolly Active® is the hottest Fitness Trend in town launched recently. Many Bolly Active® ® Instructors created a demand simply because there were not many Bolly Active® Instructors available in their suburb/area and people wanted to try out the Bolly Active® program. When the buzz spread, these instructors were in high demand.

The first step is to attend one of the Bolly Active® Instructor Trainings. To view the dates and locations of upcoming Bolly Active® Instructor Trainings, visit our Instructor Training page. There are no prerequisites to becoming a Bolly Active® Instructor, although a fitness or dance background is always a plus. Anyone 18 years or older may attend a Bolly Active® Instructor Training.

Anyone 18 years or older may attend a Bolly Active® Instructor Training. There are no prerequisites for taking the Bolly Active® Instructor Training. However, it helps if you've already taken a Bolly Active® class before or if you have previous experience in teaching group exercise classes. Not to worry; many of our well-known and successful Bolly Active® Instructors were former students who did not have any teaching experience. We always have a percentage of Instructor Training participants who have never taken a Bolly Active® class. While it may take them longer to practice and get started, many of them have been equally as successful.

Yes; a participant must be 18 years or older to attend any Bolly Active® Instructor Training.

In order to sign up for an Instructor Training, go to “Find a Training" tab on and register .When you type in your email address, please be careful and make sure it is accurate. Your receipt and all correspondence will be sent to this address. In addition, make sure your name is typed exactly as you would like it to appear on your instructor certificate.

After submitting your registration, you will receive an email confirming that the registration is complete. Expect a second email about a week before the Instructor Training from the Master Trainer. It will cover some of the course materials in theory for you to read before the training and will explain any logistical details such as parking, lunch, schedule, etc.

After completing the Instructor Training, you can begin teaching whenever you feel comfortable and ready. Every instructor is an independent contractor, which gives you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. at any facility you choose. Although the Instructor Training shows you how to teach as well as how to create playlists for a Bolly Active® class, you may need to practice on your own and take time to choose the right selection of music.

If you are unable to attend an Instructor Training, you can transfer your payment to another Instructor Training. Please keep in mind that a transfer fee of $20 AUD will be applied.

If you are unable to attend your training, you have three options:

  1. You can request a refund. If you cancel your registration a fee of $20 AUD will be retained.
  2. You can transfer your registration to another training
  3. You can place your training fees on hold and use them toward a future training within one year of your original registration date.

Please send an email at [email protected] with your choice.

A Bolly Active® certificate of completion (license) is valid for as long you maintain active membership to the Instructor Portal (GuruShala). As with any reputable occupation, a professional is expected to keep up-to-date on industry knowledge and stay fresh with their industry skills. Bolly Active® wants its instructors to be the best in the industry and maintain a high level of expertise and proficiency. To help instructors attain and maintain this status, Bolly Active® provides numerous opportunities for continuing education and requires all Bolly Active® Instructors to update their skills annually in order to renew their instructor certificate.

The Bolly Active® program is considered a specialty certificate, just like pilates or yoga. Ask your local fitness facility what their requirements are in order for you to teach at their facility. You can always obtain a Bolly Active® certificate first and then obtain a general certification. Some facilities may allow you to start teaching Bolly Active® classes as long as you have a Bolly Active® certificate and evidence that you are working to obtain a general certification.

If you have a conflict, we highly recommend that you take an Instructor Training at another time when you are able to stay for the entire duration. Bolly Active® Instructors are highly regarded and we want to be sure you receive the utmost level of training before you leave. There is a great deal of information packed into the Instructor Training. If you leave early, you may not feel completely prepared and miss the assessment and graduation!

You should bring a towel, yoga mat, water, a sweatshirt, a healthy snack and lunch. The right type of shoe is key to easy-flowing movement, so you should wear good supportive shoes such as cross-trainers or dance-specific sneakers. Wear shoes that do not have a lot of tread at the bottom and are meant for medial/lateral/twisting motion. Although we provide an instructor manual, bring a notebook and pen to take additional notes.

Still image cameras are allowed. Video or DVD motion pictures are not allowed.

Bolly Active® in conjunction with the host facility, will determine if an Instructor Training should be cancelled due to inclement weather. If an Instructor Training is cancelled, the participants will be notified by 8PM the evening before the Instructor Training. If the Instructor Training is not cancelled but the weather becomes treacherous overnight, the Bolly Active® Master Trainer will send an email to participants in the morning. In any event, a participant should not take any risks to their safety. If the Instructor Training is cancelled, the Bolly Active® Master Trainer will contact each participant to discuss options of transfer or refund. If the Instructor Training is not cancelled, and a participant cannot make it due to inclement weather in their area, the Bolly Active® Master Trainer will contact the participant after the Instructor Training to discuss options. (Please note that Bolly Active® is not responsible for travel fees incurred or lost due to inclement weather.)

The Bolly Active® has no pre-requisites & we take Instructors on board from all over the Globe. However it is not for everyone. You will only be successful if you master Choreography & Technique, Correct Communication & you have the Passion & Drive. In terms of Insurance & Qualifications – this is looked at on a Personal Basis due to different Country requirements.

The Bolly Active® Programs are currently accredited by top certifying fitness organizations including National Academy of Sports Medicine (get trained and earn 0.8 ceus) and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) (get trained and earn 8 ceus)

Bolly Active® is currently working on getting accredited by Fitness Australia and ACE.

The Bolly Active® programs can be taught by anyone anywhere across the Globe. All resources & training are in English.

We have an exclusive Instructor Group on Facebook where we all chat & share ideas! If you are currently in training or an instructor please find the access in GuruShala.

It is an 30 page Training Manual you will receive on the day, that has everything you need to know to master Bolly Active® teaching, fitness technique, business & marketing plus so much more. It is your Bolly Active® bible!

Cancel your License Fee by logging into your account and complete the Cancellation Online Form and then The Bolly Active® Head Office will process your cancellation by cancelling your Agreement & removing you from the website. Once you have cancelled you will have to contact us to reinstate you before you could start teaching again.

Yes. It is part of your agreement that you must have adequate liability insurance to teach Bolly Active® Classes. This may be Fitness Insurance or Dance Fitness Insurance.


A monthly fee is necessary to keep your license active, gain access to GuruShala, maintain listing on our website and have your license to teach Bolly Active. Monthly fee is ranges between $20 - $29, depending on the plan chosen.

We charge a minimum of AUD $25 a month to keep your license active and grant you access to GuruShala (Instructor Portal). Payment of your Monthly License Fee grants you a non exclusive, non transferable License to use the Bolly Active® Instructor portal GuruShala which has all the choreography, marketing tools, resources & information you need to build and run your business. The License Fee is strictly non-refundable. It is your responsibility to manage your License Fee payment & cancel it. Bolly Active will not provide any compensation or refunds for License Fees that have been deducted from your account, whether or not you are teaching. We also offer discounted Annual Packages for BALI (Bolly Active Licensed Instructors)

After completing your 9 hrs Training in person, you will receive 30 days complimentary Licence and free access to GuruShala. After completion of this period, you need to pay for it on GuruShala website. You will also receive an email reminder before the expiration of your complimentary access.

Bolly Active® only accepts Visa, Mastercard & American Express if you wish to become an Instructor. This includes Visa and Mastercard Debit cards issued via your bank but not sole bank cards.

Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

If you want to quit teaching Bolly Active you can simply stop paying for the renewal fee for GuruShala and let your license expire.

You have 30 days to try the Instructor portal (Gurushala) for free. At the end of 30 days you need to begin your License Fee. Otherwise you will have no access to the any of the downloadable materials and therefore no access to the monthly choreography. After 1 month of not paying your License Fees, your License to teach will expire automatically and you will need to pay for it again. There are no exceptions to this.

BALI cost AUD $25 per month. There are discounted plans available for annual basis.


Not necessarily, but depends on how many students you have in class and how loud you could be.

The class format is for 60 minutes. But you are welcome to make it 45 mins express class with high intensive routines for special circumstances.

To keep your license active, you must be subscribed to the GuruShala (Instructor Portal) which offers you a library of choreographies and new videos are added every month. All Instructors must follow the same choreography to teach their class.

We recommend you buy the music from iTunes, Spotify or other reputed legal source.

You can access the choreography through the Guru Shala.

Yes, the templates are provided in Guru Shala

Yes, the forms are provided in Guru Shala

When you login to Guru Shala you can access the Tools section for it

Depends on how much effort you could put in to make your class a success.

You will be able to see it when you login to the Guru Shala

Your payments have not been received and please contact us immediately to discuss further. Alternatively log into your account and make the payment for your GuruShala subscription and this should activate your account.

If you cannot login to the Guru Shala please contact us immediately

You will have access to it on the Guru Shala

  1. Access to library of exciting choreography
  2. Fresh new choreography updates monthly
  3. Music and playlist suggestions
  4. Marketing material to personalize your classes
  5. Pro tips on being a fabulous instructor and class management
  6. Instructor listing on BA website
  7. VIP access to BA Events
  8. Ongoing discount on all merchandise in Bolly Boutique
  9. License to teach Bolly Active and all 6 affiliated programs individually
  10. Most importantly a fun way to work out and get paid for it J